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Passion for prosperity of people

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Improve your employee’s physical and mental health while they connect with each other.

  • Yoga, breathing and meditation classes for businesses or private groups

  • The classes are live-streamed via Zoom or an other service of choice

  • We work with certified and experienced teachers exclusively

By purchasing these classes, you contribute to bringing yoga into the lives of people in all layers of our society. Click here to read more about our mission.


Who are these yoga classes for?
The yoga classes are suitable for everyone! Both beginners and experienced yogis and yoginis are welcome.

What kind of yoga will be taught?
The classes are based on Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga consists of asanas (physical exercises), pranayama (breath-work) and meditation. We offer traditional Hatha classes but also classes such as Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, Breathing and meditation.

How are the classes structured?
The online yoga classes last 60 minutes maximum.

What kind of clothes should I wear and what should I bring?
Wear clothes in which you can move easily, so (yoga-) legging/shorts and a sports top/shirt. It can be comfortable to bring something warm for the relaxation exercises.

What about food and drinks?
We recommend to eat a meal a couple of hours before the class. If you are hungry before the class, we recommend you eat a light snack. Try to limit drinking before and during the class. Drinking water or tea after your practice is recommended.

How can I book a class?
The classes will be scheduled in consultation with the initiator and a streaming-link will be shared.

How much does a yoga class cost? 
View our packages page to explore our offering.

Where is the yoga location?
Currently, all our yoga classes are taught online, live-streamed via Zoom or Teams.


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