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Passion for prosperity of people

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"Sofie is first and foremost a very friendly and warm human with an authentic presence. She has a strong sense of people and adapts the level of the practice to the level of her students. In class I especially appreciated her thoughtful approach to movement and alignment. I truly enjoyed every session she held."


- Sonja Ladehaug Dean, Yoga student & Teacher (RYT200)

“Sofie’s classes are serene, but also dynamic. Sofie can explain clearly and gives a lot of personal attention. She is patient and can help you to get better into the poses. I enjoyed this relaxing but challenging, yoga class.”

- Moniek van Sas, Yoga student, Studio hostess De Nieuwe Yogaschool Amsterdam, social media manager & copy writer.

“I like her style a lot because her classes are both dynamic and soothing!"

- Charlotte Muller, Hatha Yoga teacher RYT, Kundalini RPYT, Co-founder of @LeServiceapp

"Sofie is well grounded with high energy and extremely aware of the mind-body connection. Her senses are highly attuned and I can tell from watching her in class and discussing yoga with her, she understands and feels the deep healing benefits of yoga. She pays great attention in learning all the key instructions and alignments to lead a Hatha yoga class safely. Those are very important qualities to become an effective teacher. 

Sofie is a compassionate, creative, genuine, loving and dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher. She is one of those rare people you meet in life that you never forget and I am confident she will go on to be an exemplary yoga instructor."

- Suriani Sam – Owner of Earth Sea Yoga, Koh Samui, Thailand.


Sofie Lievens (founder of Sofie Lievens Yoga), strongly believes that in essence, everyone wants to live a self-realised and prosperous life. The interpretation of this can differ amongst people. Based on her own work- and life- experiences she believes practicing yoga can be very beneficial to living a balanced and integrated life. Her passion is – currently working as entrepreneur, consultant and yoga teacher – to bring yoga into people’s daily life by simply using existing resources and wisdom (unoccupied venues and yoga teachers) and connecting these elements.

The essential elements for a successful yoga class are 1. a studio where people can practice yoga, 2. a yoga teacher and 3. yoga students. Sofie believes in a fair and stimulating business relationship with a business model that benefits all parties involved. This creates healthy, transparent and autonomous working relationships, in line with the yoga philosophy. Needless to say that risky investments are not needed and organic growth is allowed. Sofie Lievens Yoga facilitates all essentials for the yoga class to take place, all that is needed is a place where we can make this happen.


My name is Sofie Lievens. After highschool, I started studying Communication Science (Bachelor & Master). Thereafter, I pursued a Master in Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship which I completed in 2013. Subsequently I have been working in multiple positions at Spotify for almost five years.

Parallel to this period I have always been interested in yoga. When I was 16 years old, I started practicing yoga because I wanted to reduce my back complaints and because I was inspired by my mom and grandma who were already practicing yoga for years. I was curious what it could offer me. I’ve practiced Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Ashtanga- yoga.

Over the course of the last few years, I deepened my interest in yoga by intensifying my own practice and completing a Hatha yoga teacher training in 2017 (RYT, 200 hours, Yoga Alliance). In 2019 I am participating in the Advanced Teacher Trainings at Delight Yoga (RYT, 300+ hours, Yoga Alliance).

Yoga has brought me a great deal on multiple levels. Besides my body becoming more flexible, balanced and strong, practicing yoga has made me much more self-steering. I believe yoga continuously helps to turn inwards and manage energy more effectively, which results in the diminishing of stress and creating from the inside out.

My experience is that a personal approach strengthens the effect of yoga. This is why this personal approach will be at the heart of my yoga classes. By teaching yoga classes I want to guide people towards a more balanced and prosperous life.


“I completed my Hatha teacher training in the same class as Sofie. Not only did she already stand out by her technique but also by her ability to choose the right words to get you into the asanas, but also to get you on a journey towards a more peaceful version of yourself. I like her style a lot because her classes are both dynamic and soothing!”

– Charlotte Muller, Hatha Yoga teacher RYT, Kundalini RPYT, Founder of @LeServiceapp –

Who is this yoga class for?
The yoga classes are suitable for everyone! Both beginners and experienced yogis and yoginis are welcome.

What kind of yoga will be taught?
The classes are based on Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga consists of asanas (physical exercises) and pranayama (extension of the breath).

How are the classes structured?
The yoga classes last 60 minutes. A class starts with a breathing exercise, thereafter we will warm up the body, then poses focused on strength, flexibility and balance will be offered. The classes will always close with a relaxation exercise. After the class I’m available for personal advice and questions.

What kind of clothes should I wear and what should I bring?
Wear clothes in which you can move easily, so (yoga-) legging/shorts and a sports top/shirt. It can be comfortable to bring something warm for the relaxation exercises. Yoga mats are available, but you can also bring your own mat.

What about food and drinks?
It’s recommended to eat a meal a couple of hours before the class. If you are hungry before the class, I recommend to eat a light snack. You can bring water in a lockable bottle.

How can I book a class?
You can book a class by clicking on ‘Book now’ at the bottom of this page or via the OneFit app.

When are the yoga classes held?
Check for the schedule & locations.

Where is the yoga location?
The yoga classes are being held on different locations in Amsterdam. Check for more information and the exact addresses.


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Sofie Lievens
+31 6 1303 1400
KVK: 71498982