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Blog: My way to a free and independent life

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The word ‘prosperity’ stands for happiness, abundance, success, security and ‘the good life’. ‘Passion for prosperity of people’ is at the heart of everything I now do for myself and for others. From this ‘state of being’ I started building my own company. In this blog I will take you on a short journey in which I will tell about what preceded this.


When I was recently asked about writing a guest blog, I was a little surprised, because I only just started with this new path. However, I immediately felt energy bubbling up. So, I immediately said, “Yes, sure! Purely because I want to take on this new experience, because I think it’s fun and it doesn’t matter if there’s a direct result linked to it.

‘I was extremely focused on controlling the processes and the result.’

My response to the request for a guest blog would have been very different a year ago. I would have probably thought: blogging? How does that yield? What is the result? I was extremely focused on controlling the processes and the result. I wanted to have everything done as quickly and as well as possible at work and I took this pattern from my work situation into my private life. I thought this urge came from my environment, but I eventually imposed it on myself (something I knew somewhere, but I didn’t know how to change it). This became so extreme that I was always busy with “getting things done”. Because of this I walked past myself and I could not really enjoy anything anymore. I had become a kind of superficial version of myself. If you magnify this situation, the following applies:

When you don’t accept and appreciate what ‘is’, you can never fully enjoy it. As soon as you develop awareness for this, you will start to realize that appreciating what ‘now is’ is essential for a fulfilled life and that everything else is relatively meaningless. Important here is that there is a difference in the conceptual understanding of these things and the actual experience. To experience the above even more constantly and strongly, is a personal strong desire. However, this takes time.



I completed a bachelor and two masters within six years. After that I started working at Spotify in various positions for almost five years. You can perhaps imagine that someone with big ambitions, a social, flexible and pragmatic character combined with extreme loyalty can do a lot. I received enough appreciation from both my friends/family and colleagues. Appreciation from my surroundings was what gave me a satisfied feeling, but this feeling is always temporary and therefore extremely addictive. I learned that:

By looking for confirmation in your environment you become dependent. Receiving confirmation from the outside world always only gives a temporary good feeling and can therefore be addictive. When you become aware of these patterns, you can learn to fully accept yourself and give yourself permission to be who you are, regardless of what others think of this. This gives an enormously enlightening and independent feeling.

My experience now: it is such a salvation when you start living more independently and freely, then it becomes really fun!


When I quit working at Spotify I knew almost immediately that I did not want to look for another job, but that I wanted to work for myself. I needed time and space to come to insights, only then could I keep the freedom to organize my life in the way I wanted. This may seem like an uncertain existence, but it feels much more stable because I can now choose for myself every time what I want to do. I now experience freedom and feel self-directed, and this gives me a confident feeling.

I have been practicing yoga since I was sixteen, and in recent years my interest in yoga has grown. I have learned that it is much more than standing on your head. It helps me enormously to find the balance between being inwards and outwards, so I can now use my energy more effectively in daily life. Yoga works like a mirror and teaches me among other things that you never get any further when you fight against what is present. Because yoga helps me so well, I started a yoga teacher training. I want to pass this on.

‘Yoga works like a mirror and teaches me among other things that you never make progress when you fight against what is present.’

You create everything yourself (law-of-attraction), so acceptance and self-love are key to living a ‘prosperous’ life. I have always been very strict towards myself, but I no longer wanted to perform and push myself to the limit. My desire to really enjoy myself was very strong. And yoga taught me:

Yoga and meditation help to actually integrate all (spiritual) wisdoms.  There is no goal to achieve, but constantly lovingly unfolding your own path is what it is. As soon as you start to experience that you are creating this yourself, it becomes so much fun to discover this step by step! It is wonderful to reinvent yourself over and over again.


During my yoga education my mom was writing a book about discovering your own freedom. By working on this, I realized very strongly that it is so essential to broaden your consciousness if you want to experience freedom. If you learn to become aware, you become aware of your thought and behaviour patterns, and you are able to change them. Then you are free, because you are no longer trapped in your own head.

Awareness is achieved by turning inside when you experience emotions as restlessness and/or imbalance, this can be achieved through yoga and meditation. If you experience resistance to doing this, try to observe and not analyze. If you then breath away this resistance, your energy changes and dissolves. You go through it instead of expressing it to the outside world. This makes you feel more resilient and free, because you no longer need your surroundings to feel good.

You do not know what you do not know. Developing consciousness is essential to get out of your patterns of thoughts and behaviour.


‘I noticed that I again had to learn to enjoy the bruised things that do not necessarily yield immediate results.’

It may sound premature, but the past period has already given me so many insights. Among other things, that life consists fully of prosperity, but you have to get to know yourself and love yourself in order to experience this in this way and then also to manifest.

Starting small works. There are many ways to get closer to yourself and to live more in the now. I noticed that I had to learn to enjoy the bruised things again, which do not necessarily yield immediate results. For me these were practicing yoga and meditation, listening to music, doing breathing exercises, being in nature a lot, gardening, cooking food and drawing (yin energy). What kind of things these are differs per person. Key’ is to learn to feel what feels right for you.


An example of this: at the very first yoga class I gave I had one student. The old version of myself would have seen this as a total failure. Now I was genuinely happy that one student had come and I was able to give a nice private lesson. The following week there were seven people. It is about appreciating what is and from that energy you create new things.

Prosperity teaches me: to appreciate the little things and to create from that energy.

Intuitive living

Gradually I realized that I found Spotify’s work interesting in terms of content, but that I needed more freedom. A freedom I could use in my work again. Besides building my yoga business, I now also work as a freelance innovation consultant. On some days I teach yoga classes and on some days I have a few appointments or give workshops. However, now I keep returning to my intuition which allows me to work much more effectively and efficiently and thus divide my energy well, which ultimately brings about a beautiful creation process. In this flow you come across the right people and situations!

In the past few months I have experienced the feeling of ‘I have never felt so good and free before’ and every time that good feeling became stronger. Of course you are constantly challenged again, but now I can return so much faster and easier to my inner self and thus expand my consciousness. By trusting myself in this way, I can switch and the outside world has much less impact on how I feel. For me this has been the way to live from my intuition in the past period.

I learned: It is therefore important to choose what you really want, to take good care of yourself, to let go of control to live more intuitively and thus create from passion. To think less important what your environment thinks of you is the greatest liberation I have experienced.

I currently teach Hatha yoga classes in Amsterdam East. The classes are suitable for both beginners and more experienced yogis and yoginis. Everyone is welcome!

Would you like to join a yoga class? Check the website for more information. And give the Instagram a ‘follow’!