Sofie Lievens Yoga’s aim is to bring yoga into the lives of people in all layers of our society.


Sofie has been experiencing the benefits of yoga and meditation herself and would love to make these practices more accessible to all layers in our society. She has been observing how yoga is offered by the yoga schools in Amsterdam and she noticed the participants are a fairly homogeneous group of people. Reasons could be, among others, the interest from like minded people, people’s financial means and the locations on which the practices are offered.

She felt the urge to explore this more deeply, as she feels it can help more people to experience a more balanced and prosperous life. Yoga can be practiced in many shapes and forms and research has shown yoga contributes to the quality of people’s lives. Sofie feels she can use her diverse background, ranging from entrepreneurial leadership, operational & team management, coordination & project management, research, communication & marketing and innovation, together with her knowledge and experience in the field of yoga, to focus on growing her own business and bring yoga to all layers of our society. 


In line with the yoga philosophy, Sofie believes in fair and stimulating business relationships with a social business model that benefits all parties involved. We offer our public and private online yoga classes against reasonable prices to help people to feel better. 15% of the money generated from these classes will be directly used to prepare, invest and organise yogaclasses for people who can’t financially afford it and do not have yoga classes close to their homes.

These studies show that the three areas in Amsterdam with the lowest overall wellbeing amongst its inhabitants are; Amsterdam-Noord, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost and Amsterdam Nieuw-West. We looked at the physical and mental wellbeing in particular, because yoga can have a positive impact on these two domains. Therefore, to create the biggest impact, we will start by organising classes in these three areas starting in the fall and winter of 2020.

You can contribute by:

  1. Joining our online classes and share this messaging with people or companies who might be interested in private or public live online classes too.
  2. Making a donation to support us in our mission. Click here to donate.
  3. Volunteer and work with us on our mission. Contact info@sofielievens.com and get in touch!

15% of the money generated will be directly used to prepare, invest and organise yogaclasses for people who can’t afford it. Contribute to making this happen while you enjoy your own online yoga classes!

Do you live in one of the three areas mentioned above and do you want to attend the free yoga classes, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and give us a follow on Instagram to stay updated on the yoga classes in your neighbourhood!